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SailFit Incorporated has been helping sailors since 1994. Whether you need a charter boat, coaching, fitness and nutrition help, a product from our store or some general advice, SailFit is here for you! Meka and Kurt Taulbee give their best to help in any way they can! Whether you enjoy simply messing about in boats or take a more competitive approach to sailing, SailFit offers quality services to enhance your enjoyment and improve your performance. With our focus on Laser sailing, we support racing sailors training for demanding competitive events as well as those new to the sport and needing to learn the basics and how to stay safe on the water. SailFit services include:

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Kurt Taulbee

Kurt is an experienced sailor specializing in Laser sailing, a 14 feet, one man Olympic-class dinghy. Kurt was born in Buffalo, NY, grew up sailing on the Niagara River, and was a member of the Niagara Sailing Club for many years. Since 1977 he has competitively sailed a variety of boats including Sunfish, Laser, Finn, Hobie 16, Albacore and lightning. For several summers he campaigned as crew on a C&C 38 (taking many top honors) on Lake Ontario. He has 2 gold medals and several others from the New York State Empire Games. Kurt has completed Laser campaigns for the Savannah, Sydney, Athens and Beijing Olympic Games. These campaigns have taken him to many countries including :

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Meka Taulbee

Meka is a Personal Trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise. She is a Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant and Advanced Holistic Nutritionist. Meka also holds a degree in Psychology mentoring in Dance with a concentration in Child Psychology. She dedicates herself to promoting health and fitness for sailors, sailing enthusiasts, youth and anyone with a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle. She has a certification in Plant based nutrition from Cornell University as well. Her education also includes specialty certificates in: Plant Based Nutrition, Holistic Fitness, Yoga and Mind Body Healing, Lower Body Strength and Stabilization. She has also been trained in:

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SailFit Story


SailFit started in 1994 and was originally incorporated under the name of Great White Performance Racing. The idea for the intitial business came because sailors were having difficulty moving their boats from one regatta to the next. Some sailors were not attending regattas because they did not have a decent boat available for them to use. This was quite a dilemma for these sailors.

SailFit owner, Kurt Taulbee, had just finished a West Coast tour of sailing events and had decided to pursue Laser sailing and campaign for Olympic competitions full time. He knew it would take years to become an internationally known, high caliber Laser Sailor. He also knew that he was responsible for paying for his dream. So, Kurt started a business that chartered and transported Laser sailboats and sold parts. He saw a need for this service at the high level North American Laser events and he also wanted to compete in these events as part of his campaign exposure. So it was a natural fit. Kurt traveled to the events with extra boats and equipment. Other sailors that had travel or boat issues could simply fly in and pay to charter a boat. SailFit was the first consistent charter company on the North American Laser Circuit.

Once Kurt got started he didn't stop. From 1994 to 2008, with his trailer and van, Kurt traveled extensively to both coasts and has at some point traveled through virtually all of the continental states!. Over the course of fourteen years, 200,000 plus miles were logged to compete at various championships around the US and Canada. The original trailer could hold six boats and after refitting it, the trailer could hold 12 lasers. When an extended van was pulling the trailer, two more boats could go on top of the van and one could fit inside with doors closed. A total of 15 boats could be transported at the same time and what a sight it was!

Although chartering Lasers proved to be a good idea, the opportunity for income growth was limited. So, over the years, additional services were added. Coaching seminars, clinics and at regattas took over and eventually replaced the chartering business. Also, fitness and nutrition training was added and proved to a very valuable service to sailors. Kurt has always had a deep interest in health and fitness and striving to better himself and in August of 2000, Kurt feels incredibly fortunate to be joined by a like minded person, Meka Aiken (now Taulbee). Meka Started travelling full time with Kurt in the fall of 2000. Meka is the one who has really built up the fitness and nutrition services for SailFit and many years later she is still studying to improve herself to be able to offer even more to our clients.

Meka holds many certifications in fitness and nutrition and is really a pioneer in her approach to help people. Her knowledge of nutrition and her own lifestyle are unique compared to others in the fitness industry and she personally understands what it takes to be successful.

Kurt has been coaching lessons, clinics, seminars and regatta teams since 1998. Our seminars in Clearwater, FL are great fun and great learning! In addition to the on the water training, Meka conducts fitness and nutrition sessions. The seminars are a comprehensive experience and the learning curve and improvement are big.

SailFit has also grown their online store over the years. SailFit holds dealerships with Gill Sailing Gear, Hammer Nutrition, Vega Nutrition, Twinlab, Hara Body Care and Precor Exercise Equipment. SailFit operates as FitLine Fitness Equipment and has a showroom located in Oldsmar, Florida.

SailFit also manufactures the Quadzilla Hiking Bench. It is health club quality and replicates Laser sailing perfectly.

Currently, SailFit is continuing to grow their services and online presence. Kurt is still sailing and training for events and plans to compete at the Master Worlds. Meka now holds a degree in holistic nutrition for sport and she continues her 20 year running quest.

I hope you get to enjoy what SailFit can offer. Send us an Email and let us know how we can help you.                


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