HomeSchool Sailing

Kurt and Meka are home schooling parents and decided it was time to start letting everyone in on what they are passionate about "We wanted to start offering sailing classes and an introduction to sailing and the water. Sailing and the home school community have given so much to us that ew wanted to give back"  When they started they only offered classes to a group they feel fortunate to be a part of called Love Of learning Families. They knew a lot of families and felt they would work with them as they started this program. Each week they had an average of 30 kids on the water. now they are on their 5th year and have an average of 60-70 people on the water each time. As Interest grew to learn more in depth sailing  they decided to start a Home School Sailing Team.

Anyone is invited to join the class or the team.


Fun Sail

Come join us for a day of fun on the water!. We meet at Clearwater Community Sailing Center located at 1001 Gulf Blvd,Clearwater. It is directly across the street from Sand Key Park. It will run from 12-4. The cost is $12 per child and adults are free. Two Fridays a month we offer a funsail day where we take kids out on various types of boats and let them play in the water. It's just a day to have fun and get comfortable on the water and around the boats. Each child gets a chance to steer if they want to . They will also have the chance to use the paddle boards, kayaks and go swimming. We usually keep a bucket to collect and observe sea creatures in and then set them free at the end of the day.The kids have a blast. We have kids anywhere from 2- 18 attending. The parents are more than welcome to come out on the boats with the children and with the younger kids we prefer it. It is better for them to feel comfortable especially their first time out.We ask that if your child is 5 and under that you you ride with them. You need to wear water shoes( no flip flops) and swimming clothes. Pack a lunch and enjoy sitting on the deck and relaxing. We will provide the life jackets and the fun!.
No need to reserve a spot. Just show up!

If I need to cancel I will do so by 9am the morning of the Fun Sail. Weather is often unpredictable so we watch it closely. We do have some people who drive a distance. Please text or call Meka if you are unsure if Fun Sail is still on. 727-631-7005.




We will have practice every other Friday from 11-3pm. On the opposing Friday we will still have our regular fun class where the kids on the team will come to sail and help with the regular sailing class. It won't be long before the team members will be able to handle boats and take kids in the class for rides. In sailing it's very valuable to teach others because it really helps you learn the concepts.

The Team will learn sailing, fitness and nutrition. All of which are important in becoming a well rounded sailor. After the teams sailing skills come up we will introduce the sailors to racing. If any one is interested in racing then we can look for a local regatta to sail in.

Joining the team is a 3 month commitment  with  a  $100 monthly fee. (There is a sibling discount of $25) Just a verbal commitment is good and at the end you can keep going or decide it's not the right thing for you.This will help us plan. We have seminars and private coaching scheduled and we want to be able to make sure we have the room in our schedule to help avoid conflicts. Also we know that things come up for you( vacation, illness, field trips) and we want you to be able to get the most out of it, this will allow us the most flexibility in scheduling. If you have to miss a day or we have to rescheule you can tack it on at the end.

We need to compensate the sailing center as well, since they are nice enough to let us use their boats and facilities. There are a few options to choose from.
1) You can pay  $5 each time you come to a class/ practice with SailFit.
2) You can become a member of the sailing center. If you choose this route you get all the amenities of the sailing center and can use the facilities any time you like. You can use any of the boats or SUP. You can see all that they have to offer on their website.  

Benefits of Membership:

  • Unlimited Access to our fleet of boats (no rental or other fees)
  • Boat storage is available to members only (additional charges may apply
  • 10% discount on sail instructions, and all other short-term programs
  • Free participation in CCSC’s weekly and monthly regattas
  • Launching privileges
  • Special programs for members only
  • Our Adult Learn to Sail program 1 time for free!

If you choose this route you have these options

a) an annual family membership for $465 which can be paid monthly  ( about $40 per month) Anyone in the family can use the facility at any time

b) an annual youth membership for $190 which can be paid  monthly  ( about $16 per month)  This is per child or youth member.

c) a half year youth membership for $125 which can be paid  monthly ( about $20 per month) This is per child or youth member

Whew that seems like a lot of information so please feel free to ask as many questions as you need.  We are flexible so we want what will work best for everyone. Our goal is just to get kids on the water and having fun.

Check the Calendar to see if it is a Team Friday or Fun Sail Friday or email Meka.